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Friday, July 25, 2014

july stole my money

Let's be real. I have a problem.

I'm 25, swim in student loans and no one is financially dependent on me (seriously, not even a fish). I'm not the best at budgeting my monthly paycheck.

In my defense, I rarely pay full-price for anything. Not-so in my defense, I will straight up lose my stuff in a sale.

I'm supposed to be in saving mode at the moment, but each of these buys was so inexpensive, I couldn't pass them up. (Of course, all of the little buys add up to a big buy. But, I may not learn that lesson until my closet is bursting.) By about the middle of July, I realized that the interwebs stole my money.

Lucky you, I can share the sales. I apologize in advance for making you a victim, as well.

Boxy crop top - $16 - Forever 21
So, this wasn't on sale, but I'd been wanting a loose white crop top. And it was cheap. A few notes if you're thinking about it, though: the picture shows ivory being white. Totally not. It's definitely cream. And it's definitely shorter than it appears on the model, but still not in a 19-year-old-at-Coachella way.
Fitted lace crop top - $8 - Forever 21
Definitely short in a 19-year-old-at-Coachella way.
Really, I bought this beauty through Keaton Row, and I couldn't find a link for what I actually bought.
Emerald bangle  - $30 - Banana Republic
Black moto booties - $40 - JustFab
If you're not a member, you get a BOGO deal for signing up. Otherwise, these go on and off sale pretty frequently.
Black bondiband - $9 - Bondiband 
Not on sale, but I needed one for workouts.
Blush tote - $40 - JustFab
White ankle pants - $28 - Target
Also not on sale. And also didn't fit (my bad). 'Twas not a great steal for me.

These three prints are Buy 2 Get 1 free!
Baby Elephant print - $10 - Etsy
Hemingway quote print - $10 - Etsy
 French Lavender candle - $11.25 - Bath & Body Works
 Lilac Blossom candle - $11.25 - Bath & Body Works

If I'm being totally honest, there may have been one ... or two other purchases that happened. They weren't necessarily on sale, but I did have coupons, which made them each less than $5. And, I mean, everybody needs the Back to the Future trilogy on BluRay, right? And you can never have too many jammies, obvi.

Your turn. How are you treating yourself this paycheck? (Or, more importantly, are there any spectacular sales I should know about?)

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