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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

solemates fundraising party

In July, two gym friends and I signed up for a mini-triathlon in New Orleans. It seemed like a good way to push our perceived limits, change up the workout routine, and really see what we could do.

When another friend told me I could use the triathlon as a fundraiser, it seemed like a great way to help build a girl's confidence.

So I signed up for SoleMates, the individual scholarship fundraising arm of Girls on the Run.

Last week, I held a small party to really help me reach the major goal. One hour before people began arriving to sip wines, nibble cheeses and humor me while I played hostess, I looked at the fundraising page and saw.

We did it. They did it. You did it.

Because of the generosity of so many people, one Baton Rouge girl now has the opportunity for a Girls on the Run scholarship. She can learn healthy lifestyle habits, develop positive body image, and discover the importance of joy and kindness, all while training for a special 5k.

When I arrived home today, this treat was waiting on my doorstep. In this sweet surprise from Girls on the Run was a thank-you note, a race day kit (including transition bag, Body Glide, ponytail holders and buttons), and a beautiful essay written by a girl whose life was changed by this program.

I am beyond joyful, thankful and proud that my friends and acquaintances came together to change another girl's life. But, it is my personal goal to raise enough for two scholarships, so the opportunity to give is wide open! (But only until September 28, the day of my triathlon.)

Now onto the party.

I was a terrible blogger, as I took a few photos of the spread before too many people got there, but completely neglected my camera in favor of the wonderful company. So, we got to laugh, tell stories, make friends and play with a baby ... but you don't get to see any of it. Sorry. :(

I shopped at Whole Foods for all of the party fares, as I am completely ignorant about wines and cheeses. I chose five wines, both white and red, that I knew would be the most well-received (Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc). Then, I pranced over to the cheese counter, where one of the cheese-istas (I obviously don't know what they're actually called, but that's my vote.) directed me to five delicious, eaily-paired cheeses.

He obviously knew exactly what he was talking about, because everyone was impressed by my selections. I may have even seemed knowledgeable until the Pinot Noir set in and spilled my secrets. C'est la vie.

(If you're curious, I got two kinds of white cheddar, parrano, fontina and mitica. But, both of the cheddars were the most popular.)

Do you have a favorite organization to support? Who and why?

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