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Sunday, June 22, 2014

waxing the nether

The Garden District is easily my favorite part of Baton Rouge.

Grand live oaks line the streets, their over-sized branches providing sweet, shady relief to an otherwise miserably hot and humid town. As though they're insufficient on their own, their beauty is only increased by the fragrant Spanish Moss and colorful Mardi Gras beads that inevitably hang from nearly every branch year-round.

The Garden District is filled to the brim with quaint, quirky and kind locally-owned businesses, my most recent favorite being Zanella's.

I know, I know. It's a wax bar. How can I have any positive associations with the place I get a monthly Brazilian?

Erica Zanella-Ourso (the cutie below) founded Zanella's after moving to Baton Rouge, from Portland, Oregon, with her husband. The wax bar's (obvious) namesake is probably the most brilliant aesthetician I've met. (Yes, I'm sucking up a little, hoping the next wax will be painless.)

After previous waxing incidents elsewhere in the Red Stick with my underarms, my lip, my eyebrows ... Erica is now the only person I'll trust with my nether.

It took me 25 years and a lot of razor burn to warm up to the idea of a Brazilian. But, with a beach vacation looming this summer, I figured it was high time to start.

The first one was painful. Really painful. Like, lots-of-unladylike-obscenities-flying painful. But, when I went back this month for maintenance, it was so much better.

Granted, there were still two pretty painful pulls (you can guess where), but it was easy enough to warrant routine monthly maintenance. (Especially because I don't want to experience a "first" wax again.)

Erica, obviously, knows it's a painful experience and has some serious skill in keeping you relaxed so it's not as painful. She'll talk to you about House of Cards, listen to your life story, and laugh at your jokes.

One of the most nerve-racking bits for me was the anticipated embarrassment of being exposed like that. She's such a professional, though, it's better than the gyno. 

Bonus: the interior is super cute and inviting!

Bottom line, if you've always been too scared or nervous for a Brazilian, or are looking for a new aesthetician, head to Zanella's. Erica and her colleagues are brilliant professionals who never let you feel uncomfortable, and offer a wide range of services for women and men

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