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Monday, June 16, 2014

t-shirt and jeans need not apply

One of our good friends is moving to Seattle, so Hannah threw him a going away party Friday. There was laughter, board games, pizza, cookie cake, great friends and, of course, (Mama, Daddy, look away) tequila shooters.

That was actually my first time to salt, lick, shoot and suck. I may or may not have made a very high-pitched squeal after the lime that frightened the dogs.

Beforehand, I texted Hannah:
"Is this a t-shirt and jeans kind of shin-dig?"

"You can wear a t-shirt and jeans if you want."

"I don't do t-shirt and jeans. I'm just trying to gauge how out of place I'll look."

When we got there, the first words she said were, "You really don't do t-shirts and jeans, do you?

Damn straight.

Pockets. The way to get a young woman to buy any dress.

I love this dress from The Limited. I ordered it online in a pinch for a Rehearsal Dinner, not realizing the bodice didn't have boning. FYI - Girls with larger chests need, nay deserve, boning.

Between that and the fact that it's a size too small (I told you, I was in a pinch), I have to pull it up a lot to make sure I'm appropriate.

If I could just stand like this all the time, everything would be fine.

This OPI polish is my absolute favorite shade. It's perfectly pink, red and orange, and classy but fun. What's better: it's called Cajun Shrimp. And it goes with everything.

The shoes are from ShoeDazzle, where I have a VIP membership.

How ShoeDazzle works: sign up, take a style quiz, have professional stylists choose shoes based on your preferences to create a personal boutique each month.

ShoeDazzle has three membership levels: Regular, VIP and Elite. Regular members are only charged the price of the shoes they buy, plus shipping.

VIP are charged $10 monthly, but that $10 goes toward any pair of shoes, purse, jewelry, etc. you decided to buy. Or, you can utilize it like I do: completely forget that you're being charged. In five months, remember and realize you have $50 to spend on shoes. VIP level members also get a small discount off of the regular price and free shipping.

Elite membership most closely resembles ShoeDazzle's original business model and JustFab's (a similar shoe/accessory site) current. You're charged $40/month, but get a much larger discount on products and, like VIP, receive free shipping and can choose when to spend that $40.

The site was founded by Kim Kardashian. But, if the thought of giving her money makes you ill, ASOS has a similar pair.

This is my absolute favorite necklace. 20% because I think it's beautiful, 80% for the sentimental value.

The BF bought me the sapphire for one of our anniversaries (options 1, 2 and 3).

The other two charms are from my travels last summer. The olive wreath from Greece (similar one on Etsy), the pearl from Disney World's Epcot (similar here and here).

I told the boy I wanted to take one of those fun, laughing photos. Result:

Actual laughter realizing how stupid my fake laughter probably looked:

My mother would kill me to see that a decade of ballet didn't help this posture.

Saturday was basically an all-day festival for our friend beginning with brunch, then laser-tag, bowling, sushi and board games (this group really likes board games).

What did you do over the weekend?

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