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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

unmentionable product reviews

After having seen the Dove Dry Spray commercials, I have to admit that I was pretty excited about the aerosol deodorant.

I know. I'm easily excited.

The team at Influenster sent me the dry spray to try out. (Technically, I tried out the Degree Dry Spray. But, since both brands live under the Unilever house ... tomato tomatoe.)

The shower curtain is from Pottery Barn three years ago. But, Target has a similar option for less than half of what I paid.

I decided to try it out for two weeks to really give it a fair chance at shaping my opinions. I only needed one day.

*Disclaimer: The rest of this blog post is pretty TMI. So ... you know ... come back later if you don't like hearing about armpits.

Now, I've never been a heavy underarm sweater, so I really didn't consider myself to be a good test audience for this. But, when my underarms felt damp by noon every day, I realized that the normal activity of my glands didn't matter too much.

Let's completely ignore the fact that you're spraying heavily scented chemicals near your face/in your breathing supply with every application, and focus solely on the fact that wearing this was honestly worse than the days I forget to apply deodorant at all. (Don't judge me. It happens to you, too.) I hate to think of the people working out within three feet of me on CrossFit days. Those poor noses will never be the same.

So, packaging, you claim it's a 48 hour antiperspirant? I call BS. All-in-all, I'll be "sticking" with my normal solid. (Geddit? Because solid deo is a stick?)

Now, one product that is quickly becoming a permanent fixture on my bathroom shelf is the Serious Serum.

My girl Erica at Zanella's (I've mentioned them before.) asked me to try out this "Ingrown Hair Eliminator" because I always always always have redness. Not just right after a wax. Always.

I've been using the serum religiously for about two months (applying a pea-sized amount to the "areas" after my daily shower), and my redness/bumps have definitely become less frequent and much less noticeable, annoying, and, well, itchy.

Honest point-of-interest: Though the overwhelming redness and bumps have decreased significantly, I have had a few large-ish ingrown hair problem spots, which I haven't really seen since high school. But, I'm holding out hope that continuing to use this regularly will help with those, as well.

About the serum:
The best AHA Ingrown Hair eliminator and Skin Exfoliant you’ll ever use. Seriously. Serious Serum is the perfect blend of 6% lactic acid, 3% glycolic acid, and 1% salicylic acid, which will leave your skin silky smooth and fabulous anywhere you apply it.
Serious Serum was developed for post waxing use to alleviate ingrown hairs, blast breakouts, and minimize redness. However, we happily discovered that the combination of facial grade AHAs and green tea, aloe vera, and chamomile work perfectly to smooth bumpy, rough skin everywhere!

Bonus points that it's even good for sensitive skin! If you have issues with ingrown hairs and bumps/redness, ensuring your skin never looks as good as those damn bikini models', give the serum a go. You can pick it up at Zanella's after your next torture session ... I mean wax.

Have you tried out any new products that you love or hate? Do us a favor and let us know in the comments!