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Hey there, cutie. Thanks for visiting.

I'm Lauren, and I like to write. A lot. So much so that I honestly don't get enough of it at my 9-to-5.

While I love my daytime job, I also love fashion, food, adventures, relationships and life ... none of which I write about before 4:30 p.m.

Hence, the blog which, I expect, will be an adventure in itself. It includes everything that happens after I leave the office: the adventures, the food, the style.

If you have questions or comments about the blog, please let me know in the comments section, or shoot me an email.

If you have questions about me, same thing. But, I'll see how many I can answer with a MySpace list:

I love bicycles, soft grass, twirly dresses, friendships, laughing, flower crowns, shoes and sunglasses.
I hate double negatives and the oxford comma.
I've written articles and stories since elementary, but started getting paid for it in 2011.
I resent people who dress inappropriately.
Sometimes, that person is me. 
I think fashion is the most beautiful way to express yourself.
And food is the most fun way to enjoy yourself.
I could never get sick of Never Been Kissed, pizza, Audrey Hepburn or high heels.
The most memorable line I've ever heard was from a Kashi commercial, and only because it rings so true:
"Sunlight kicks fluorescent light's butt."

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