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Monday, February 9, 2015

dawggone delicious

Chili dogs have always had a special place in my heart (and arteries, no doubt).

To me, they're the best parts of my childhood: picnics, 4th of July celebrations, and those special nights when my parents weren't up to cooking "real" food. Basically, they're summer, family and happiness covered in pickle relish and cheese.

But, admittedly, the idea of getting a hot dog at a restaurant or fast food joint is just ... wrong. The coneys at Sonic give me unlady-like trouble, and Wienerschnitzel is just disgusting.

Frankie's Dawg House, though, doesn't fall into that category. I mean, these aren't just chili dogs. These are dawgs. Franks. Genuine all-beef missiles loaded with deliciousness of Hiroshima proportions.

The menu boasts 14 gourmet "dawgs," each customizable to your liking with any of their intriguing toppings, and the best smoked boudin I've ever tasted. Hands down.

This is The "Situation." And isn't it just exactly that? I mean look at it! This frank, loaded with mac-n-cheese and bacon, was my first experience, and it set a pretty high standard.

That standard has been easily met with each of my subsequent culinary expeditions there. The Chuck Norris, naturally, packs a punch, with the frank wrapped in bacon and topped with chili, cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos.

Most recently, I tried one week's special: The Seattle Dawg. It was simply a hot dog with cream cheese and pico de gallo. Weird, right? Yeah, it was weird. But it was jaw-droppingly delicious (made apparent by the fact that I gobbled it up before I could even retrieve my camera).

Thankfully, the eatery has recently come under new ownership (the previous giving it a pretty bad rap), and that new owner just so happens to be the husband of my favorite sadist.

Stuart Ourso (at right, with employee Stefan) does it right. He believes in investing in people, and with that simple guideline, has completely transformed Frankie's Dawg House.

He trains his employees well and treats them incomparably well. They, in turn, deliver the best service I've ever experienced. And they genuinely seem happy to be where they are.

And why not? They're basically in hot dawg heaven.

Currently located off of Perkins near the overpass (with plans to open more locations soon), Frankie's caters parties with hot dogs and snoballs, plays host to your (small) event in their outdoor patio, and jumps at the chance to partner with philanthropies. Like I said, he invests in people.

What dawg would you most like to try?