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Thursday, June 5, 2014

work to weekend wear: modcloth

One thing I can't quite grasp about the professional world is the idea of a "work wardrobe." Why do I need to have a separate wardrobe for work? Why can't all of my pieces play nicely together?

I've put together a couple of outfits using some of the same pieces for both work and weekend wear. When you can mix and match several pieces from your closet to serve both purposes, there's no need to spend gobs of money on clothes you wouldn't be caught dead in after 5.

 All of these pieces are from Modcloth (hence the title) and very affordable. (I think I kept each piece under or very close to $50.)

First, we'll keep it simple with the wear to work option. 

Ever notice in the work outfits sections of magazines they include pieces you could never to wear to work? Like shorts? I think most offices would allow these choices.

This tank top ($25) is wonderful. It's punchy but subtle, and provides visual interest that isn't distracting. Plus, it has an amazing graphic. (I'm probably just saying that because I have a slight obsession with London.)

Tone it down by tucking it into a simple black pencil skirt ($25), and top it off with a lightweight blazer ($35). The blazer provides structure without being stuffy. Keep the look streamlined with simple jewelry in the form of a trendy but unobtrusive midi ring ($8) and art deco earrings ($9). (With these earrings, I would wear my hair down, tucked behind one ear to just give a peak.)

Obviously, with a pencil skirt, you need a heel. While black pumps are a great, versatile staple, they're also predictable. Try these red heels, instead. Yes, red heels can easily become trampy. But, the faux-leather, grosgrain knot and "wooden" stacked heel make this look polished. (A good conscience will tell you to stay away from a faux wooden heel, but, they're not even $35. So tell your conscience to zip it.) Unfortunately, these heels are almost sold out, so try this cute kitten.

Bonus: Take off the blazer, swap the kittens for stilettos, and your ensemble immediately goes from work appropriate to working-it appropriate.

To transition this look to the weekend, keep the tank, midi ring and blazer (if it's chilly ... which it probably isn't right now), but swap out the other pieces for a more casual look.

High-waisted shorts are a beautiful thing. Even if you're not completely comfortable with the attention they draw to your midsection, these shorts ($40) have a great structure and would flatter you whether or not the tank was tucked in.

A pair of subtle glitter flats/oxfords ($31 - on sale!) and the bow earrings ($10) both sweeten up the look by providing a bit of girlish charm, which has no better place than the weekend. (I mean, the weekend is where flower crowns live, no?)

I don't think this tank really needs a necklace, but, if you're going to wear one, wear this map ($20). It's fun, a bit quirky, and ties in quite nicely to the subtle international theme.

Which brings me to the pièce de résistance: the I'm Having a Good Hare Day crossbody ($45). This bag is positively yelling at me. Any crossbody basically screams weekend, with their casual, comfy-chic style. And there's something about bunnies and blue that cry out "We're so English!" amiright? No? Is this just me?

Whatever. Even if the clothes don't talk to you, both of these outfits are perfect for their respective venues.

How would you style this tank?

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