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Friday, May 30, 2014

225 hot off the press party

Each month (or at least most months), the Baton Rouge staple 225 hosts their magazine launch party at a local restaurant.

In the past, I've only gone when I've had an article in the featured magazine (including one cover story, thank you very much). But, when my option for this particular Thursday became Crossfit or the party at Caliente, I chose Mexican food and margaritas. (If given a choice, always choose Mexican food and margaritas.)

For the record, Caliente's blue margaritas taste dangerously like delicious adult snoballs. I'm pretty sure a full-sized version would quickly lead to regrettable decisions.

We were handed the beautiful concoctions almost immediately after we walked through the door. My kind of party.

Caliente has both an indoor and outdoor dining area. Tonight, the patio was largely where the party was taking place, complete with a make your own taco line!

An exciting concept, but it lost its luster with the first bite. I attribute the disappointment to my mediocre taco-building skills and distaste for soft corn tortillas. (They're just weird, right? Corn tortillas should be fried ...)

We ordered an appetizer sampler and enjoyed the libations, the people-watching and, of course, each other's company.

Apologies for the shoddy photos. All I had on me was my out-of-date iPhone.

What's that in the background? Why, it's a living statue!

Yes, they had two: Elvis and a painter. To be honest, I don't understand the draw of these ... or why I'm drawn to them. They're just fascinating. I don't think I even saw him blink.

Someone's enjoying her snoball margarita!

Red lips for the Red Stick.

Our appetizer plate came, featuring southwest egg rolls, jalapeno poppers, chicken quesadilla and chicken nachos.

For me, the true measure of a Mexican restaurant is in their quesadillas, and Caliente, my friends, is a top contender. (Coyote Blues being the clear winner. Sorry, guys.)

Their jalapeno poppers were easily the best I've ever had. However, the nachos and egg rolls left something to be desired.

I basically checked her out all night, because that Lilly Pulitzer print is stunning. (No longer available, but I'm in love with this simple shift dress from the brand.) Michael Kors bag

I got the top from Carolina Moon, the crossbody from Steve Madden (a similar one here), and the dress from Modcloth. It's out of stock now, but here are a few (1, 2, 3) similar dresses.

(Drawbacks of having a stranger take your photo: they never get the shoes. Y'all. This is the most important part. I wish I had been wearing these beauties.)

Overall, it was a lovely evening. I think the biggest drawback was that the atmosphere didn't lend itself to mingling as much as some of their other party venues.

So, we ended up getting fro-yo and watching Clueless.

We didn't really wanna mingle, anyway.

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