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Sunday, March 13, 2016

besty brandy's bachelorette

Since moving to Houston last summer, I have, without a doubt, missed my besties terribly. Buuuut, this weekend, Bestie Brandy is flying in to visit! Though our agenda isn't set yet, the weekend will definitely entail lots of shopping and margaritas.

In honor of her visit, I'm sharing a bit about her bachelorette weekend we celebrated last year. (This post is so long overdue.)

We started the weekend on a Friday night in April (see? Way overdue.) with a little pre-gaming at her bridesmaid Lauren's house.

(Ain't she classy, folks?) Before moving on to dinner and dessert at The Melting Pot.

(Lauren is on the left, Brandy is on the right.) Fondue is such a fun experience. Sure, you can argue that you're paying out the wazoo for a meal you have to cook yourself, but it's a fun way to treat yo'self. And if you can't get past the idea of paying to cook your own food, at least go for dessert. My favorite is The Melting Pot's turtle chocolate combination. It's ahhhhmazing. (I mean, dipping fruit and marshmallows and rice crispy treats into a heavenly fusion of chocolate, caramel and candied pecans?! Yes, please!)

(On the left is my friend, Meagan, from Crossfit. She's super country and loves to wear her NASCAR shirts--yes, plural--because I pick on her, but she's also cute and sweet as hell. She and Brandy clicked as soon as I introduced them.)

Please excuse the photo quality. Romantic lighting and an iPhone camera don't make for the best images.

The staff (very sweetly) sent a special dessert to congratulate Brandy on her nuptials ... but we enjoyed the typo way more.

After dinner, we headed downtown for the more typical bachelorette fun: heavy drinking and bad dancing at a bar. We opted for the low-key Huey's, as none of us were the dancing-in-stilettos variety that frequented the clubs. Thing to note: if you're celebrating something special, definitely go to a smaller bar; it was crowded, but they treated Brandy like the queen she is.

The celebration continued Saturday morning with brunch and ... wait for it ... horseback riding. No, it's not your standard bachelorette activity, but it is so perfectly Brandy and was so perfectly fun. After the previous late night (I think I got home after midnight! Y'all. I'm such a grandma; I was dead.), it was a welcome peaceful, calming respite. 

Seriously. How cute is she?

And the weather was PERFECT!

This cat was having none of our silliness.

I am so excited to be reunited with Brandy this weekend! What are some of your favorite things to do with your besties?

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