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Thursday, September 18, 2014

the shoes that got away

It first happened in the spring.

It was one of those long, dreary days, when nothing goes to plan and you just pray for it all to end. Then, they came to me.

They graced my computer screen like a gift hand-delivered by God himself. I was filled with euphoria, and an overall giddyness at the realization that they could make every bad day turn to gold. I vowed that they would be mine.

Life came, and my ever-present dream quickly faded into an almost-forgotten memory. Until this month. I came across them again and the undeniable love welled up inside of me again. This time. This time for sure.

But, they had moved on without me. Every single one of them found a new home with someone who acted on their instincts. Someone who could give them the love they deserve.

They're the shoes that got away.

I first saw these adorable smoking slippers in my Keep profile. But, honestly, at the time I wasn't prepared to drop $150 on another pair of shoes. (I know, I know. Blasphemy. But, every now and then, I have bursts of financial practicality.)

I saw them again recently, while flipping through an old issue of Southern Living. This time, I was in a burst of complete financial impracticality and, so, was completely prepared to drop the money.

Alas, they're out of stock. C Wonder still has a "Bee happy" sweater, but it's just not the same.

But, if you haven't recently had your heart broken by a pair of smoking slippers, C Wonder also has some cute heart, kitten and evil eye pairs.

Or, if you'd like loafers that are still adorable but more affordable, ASOS has a fantastically preppy red plaid pair (which also come in a perfect gray and a versatile black velvet).

Or, if you prefer to play a more subtle game with your footwear, you could try a good pair of slippers in faux crocodile or basic black.

(These are not slippers, but they're so adorable I couldn't resist including them. Glitter + D'Orsay = funzies)

But, please, for my sake, follow your heart. Don't let the shoes you love get away. You may never get them back.

Especially if they're last season.

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